Jan Van Cleeff, NewInBridge editor

 Photo:  Brink-Drijver, De Wijs-Muller-Van der Neut

Source: NewInBridge

 Onstein 1 has won the Dutch national teams championship this weekend. In the final of the play-offs of the Meesterklasse the squad of sponsor Hans Melchers (Brink-Drijver, De Wijs-Muller-Van der Neut) booked a clear victory against Onstein 2 (Verhees-Van Prooijen, Frank and Ton Bakkeren): 177-96 IMPs. The match consisted of six segments of 14 boards each. Due to illness (the flu) Bauke Muller played only two segments. He was replaced by Jaap van der Neut.

  Board 26 of the Segment IV was another proof of the defensive skills of Sjoert Brink and Bas Drijver.

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