One trick for you, two tricks for me

Nunes-Fantoni JLP2013
Nunes-Fantoni JLP2013

Hi all!
The Festival of Juan Les Pins finished with the victory of our team, Monaco (Zimmermann, Helgemo, Helness, Multon, Nunes, Fantoni). Team Hok (De Boer, Van Den Bos, Van Lankueld, Mme Snellers) placed second and team Chemla (Chemla, Bompis, Quantin, Reiplinger) placed third.

Here is a board from the Festival:


The final contract is 6 by South. 


A trump lead would be fatal to the declarer, because  are divided 4-1 and there are not enough transits between hand and dummy. Anyway the possession of an only  makes the trump lead impossible.
lead would be fatal as well, because it would immediately employ declarer’s stopper. This means that once the defense takes with the 0quadriQ they can cash their  winners. This lead turns out to be impossible, too, because during the auction declared named . Besides, leading from Jx is too dangerous.

The real lead was a normal one, 0cuoriJ.

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