Non-system Bidding Issues VII by Frank Stewart


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My Bridge and Yours: Non-system bidding issues — part 7

Visualization: I believe that the current emphasis on conventions and systems is unhealthy. In this series, I’m discussing natural bidding skills that learning players often neglect. Visualizing partner’s hand will help you judge auctions, especially when you have an unbalanced hand and need partner to hold particular cards.

Practice your Visualization In this quiz, you’re South.

These are bidding sequences and five possible North hands. Decide which hand North is most likely to hold.

stw 1

D is correct. With A, North would open 1NT. With B, he would try for game with a straightforward 3. Holding C, North would try with 2, showing the pattern so you could judge the fit. With E, he would pass 2 (some would rebid 1NT).

stw 2

C is correct. This is the «impossible» 2, showing a hand that is improved by opener’s rebid. North should have a big club raise with a probable spade feature. With A and B, North would respond 1 to 1. With D, he would raise 2 to 3, and with E he would raise to 3 or offer an invitational jump-preference to 3.

stw 3

E is correct. 4 is an advance cuebid in support of hearts. With A, North would prefer 3 over 3. Holding B, he would rebid 2, not 2NT. With C, North might rebid 2NT but insist on 3NT over 3 . With D, he would raise 3 to 4 .

stw 4

 C is correct. North’s sequence is mildly constructive. With A, North would raise 1 to 2. With B, he would pass 1NT or try 2. With D, he would bid 3 or 4 over 1NT, and with E, North would rebid 2.

stw 5

C is correct. North’s sequence suggests five weak hearts in a semi-balanced hand. With A and D, North would raise 1NT to 3NT, and with B, he would raise 3 a 4. Holding E, North would be in doubt where to play, but would bid 3 over 3 , showing the pattern.

stw 6

E is correct. North’s auction suggests slam (since he stopped to bid clubs before bidding 4). Hands A and D are too weak to encourage slam; North would bid 3 over 2 with both. With B, North can’t jump to 4 over 3 with only Q-7 in support, but would bid 3. With C, he would bid 3NT over 3.