Jan van Cleeff

BridgeTopics.com will continue to offer all its services —and more — but under a new name: NewInBridge (NIB).

The mission of NIB is to develop, market and sell digital bridge products, communicate bridge news and feature
bridge tournaments and festivals. So far, the show was solely run by BridgeTopics founder Jan van Cleeff. Within NIB, he remains responsible for all bridge content and marketing, but from now on he has formed a partnership with two companies. West Consulting, a Dutch IT company with links to Delft University of  Technology, will be NIB’s technology partner. NewInMind, run by Helmer Wieringa, will be responsible for product management and e-commerce. By September, NIB will be in full swing.

All the features of BridgeTopics are retained: Daily News, the Grand Tour and the Topics Collection under supervision
of Eric Rodwell and co-editor Paul Maris. NIB is also developing an application for Android and IOS.

More information is available from Jan van Cleeff, NewInBridge —

cell: +31-6-55834036
Skype: bridge.magazine.imp
email: info@newinbridge.com