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New Orleans 2015: When the Goddess Fortune tells you NO … is NO.

NABC New orleans 2015Friday, March 20th 2015

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Vanderbilt results in Bridgewinners, at the end of each set

This Thursday March 19 was played the Vanderbilt Round of 16. One of the matchs was Fleisher vs Meltzer, finally Fleisher won by 124-106.

Fleisher Team: Martin Fleisher, Roy Welland, Chris Willenken, Chip Martel, Sabine Auken, Michael Rosenberg

Meltzer Team: Rose Meltzer, John Mohan, Ron Smith, Peter Boyd, Steve Robinson, Steve Garner.

fortune teller

When the Goddess Fortune tells you NO … is NO.

With only four boards to play Fleisher was trailing by few MP when board 27 arrived to the table:

NO 2015 V R16 Meltzer-Fleisher Tab 27 1

 After Boyd’s Pass, Welland opened 1diamond (unbal, 5 diamonds unless 4441), Auken showed her hearts, Welland continued with 2club showing diamond extra length ( Opener transfers after 1M response) and after Sabine showed extras with a very good diamond support, Welland  offered to play game in the  4-3 heart fit, but his partner chose to play the diamond game.

Robinson led a club, enabling a club trick for the defense, declarer won the lead draw trumps, continued with the heart finesse and lost the heartK, and the clubK, scoring +400.

 At the other table, E/W believing they needed some IMPs forced the hand to the slam level.NO 2015 V R16 Meltzer-Fleisher Tab 27

Garner also opened with 1diamond, and the bidding was exactly the same as in the other room, with Smith making the same 3diamond effort. Garner now continued showing his three hearts support, and East tried to limit his hand with a 3NT bid. But West ignored the warning and continued to the diamond slam.

Lead: spade3

Garner won with the spadeK, continued with the diamondK, a diamond to the diamondA and the heart4 to the heartQ losing to the heartK. North didnt have a club trick so he returned another spade.

Declarer won with the spadeA and played the heart6. Fleisher played his heart5…and declarer the heartA and down he went…the heart8 had given Meltzer team a ticket to the Vanderbilt QF as the following three boards generate 0 IMPs…


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