New Minor Forcing:  After opener rebids 1NT, responder often finds it useful to make a low-level forcing bid. Frequently this is done to see if opener has three-card support for responder’s suit.

Suppose as responder you hold: Q 7 6 A J 10 6 3 K 7 5 J 10.

Consider your bid when the auction proceeds as follows:

Opener          Responder
1                   1
1NT                 ?

Playing standard, you would have no good bid. You have the strength to rebid 2NT, but you would like to show your five-card heart suit.  Rebidding hearts, however, should show a six-card suit and a nonforcing hand. Therefore, you may
choose to raise 1NT to 2NT. The problem with this bid is that if opener has a minimum, he would have to pass and you may have a 5–3 heart fit. In fact, 2 may be the best contract if partner is  minimum.

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