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NABC de Chicago 2015: The Spingold

Chicago 2015

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The Spingold national bridge championship is held at the summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC). The Spingold is a knock-out team event that attracts the top contract bridge players in the world. The event typically lasts seven days with each day being a round consisting of four sessions of 16 boards. The event is open and seeded.

Chicago 2015: The Spingold

This Monday whittled the field of 90 in the Spingold Knockout Teams to 64 as the head-to-head phase of the event got underway on Tuesday. The highest seeded team to fall was the foursome led by Steve Beatty (Tom Carmichael, Kit Woolsey and Fred Stewart). The Beatty team, seeded No. 25, lost both matches in a four-way that produced three qualifiers.

These are the first 10 seeded teams:


2015 Spingold Rosters: Click Here

This Tuesday the highest seed to be knocked out was No. 16, captained by Vinita Gupta and featuring two strong pairs – Bart Bramley-Lew Stansby and Morten and Dennis Bilde, members of the winning Vanderbilt team in 2013. Gupta lost 103-99 to the No. 49 seed, captained by Allen Kahn of New York City. No. 18 Rose Meltzer was beaten 133-81 by No. 47 Zizhou Wang of Minneapolis MN. The most surprising result was the 215-117 shellacking of No. 20 Paul Street by No. 45 Barry Rigal. Street’s team included Ishmael Del’Monte, Curtis Cheek and two members of Sweden’s world championship squad from 2012. Rigal and company trailed by 2 IMPs at the half but won the third set 84-19 to win going away. The rest of the top seeds cruised into today’s round of 32.

Today’s Round 2 Brackets:

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The event ends on Sunday.

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