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My Way – Norberto Bocchi Interviews Fredrik Nystrom

Frederik Nystrom
Frederik Nystrom

Even though Fredrik is quite young, it did not take him long to become a popular world class player. Certainly Sweden’s success in Lille’s World Championships (previously Olympiad) made him even more popular.

His playing abilities are widely acknowledged, especially by Italians: when we have questions on how to bid a hand that requires rigorous bidding logic we do not hesitate to ask him. I must admit that Fredrik is one of the few we would trust on these matters. At the table he is always very nice to his opponents: I do not know how he behaves with his partner after the game. His bidding and playing techniques are very good. His bidding style his aggressive to the right point: I do not think he belongs to the Swedish school which is a bit crazy (in a good way)! If I have to find a negative feature, it would not concern bridge technique: he always looks like a good boy, and sometimes he does not scare his opponent enough. I do not know him very much as a person, but from what I see he looks like, so to say, a medieval noble man, who would kiss the ladies’ hands to greet them, and wish his respects to the gentlemen. I met him many times at the table and he never had any complaints about bridge or behaviour, and this is really rare in our world.

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