"Norberto Bocchi"
Norberto Bocchi

Let’s join forces. My idea is to institute an international body for those who are professionally involved with bridge like players, tournament directors, teachers, organisers. It is pretty obvious that more and more we need to find a way to effect a constructive and fruitful line of communication between bridge professionals on the one hand and National Bridge Organizations, Zonal Bridge Organizations and the World Bridge Federation on the other hand. In my opinion such a body is the way to go.

As to the perception of bridge as a sport or as a mind game a couple of things are clearly wrong at the moment. Yes, we have good trains, but in order for bridge to head into the right direction it is imperative to have solid rails as well. Bridge is all important for millions and is big business for a lot of us. Still, I feel like I am on a rollercoaster which is about to derail any moment.

Recently I had a chance to discuss my views with a couple of players and with others who are professionally engaged in bridge. We feel that there are quite a few issues that have a negative impact on bridge world wide. Let me permit myself to name a few.


The “2×1″ – Is there any other sport where a country enters with more then one team in international competition such as a World Championship? Only in bridge that is possible. USA is allowed to send two teams, thus doubling their chance to win, where other countries field only one team. Would it be a good idea for instance to allow Brasil, which has a vast territory and a big number of high level professional players, to join the World Cup football with two teams? I don’t think so.

Doping – Is there a sport that we know…Click here to continue reading