Maurizio Di Sacco

Introducing Mr. Maurizio Di Sacco by Fernando Lema

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Roberto Garcia
Roberto Garcia

Recently, Mr. Roberto Garcia, the President of the Organizing Committee of the V SouthAmerican Transnational Bridge Festival, that is going to be held in Santiago, Chile in 2014, informed us that the General Tournament Director of the event will be the TD Maurizio Di Sacco.

¿Who is Maurizio Di Sacco?

Maurizio is the Tournament’s General Manager of the WBF (World Bridge Federation) , EBL ( European Bridge League) and the FIGB ( Federazione Italiana Giocco Bridge) , besides being the Director of the School of Tournament Directors of the EBL and FIGB .

Surely the Organizing Committee and the CSB will take advantage of his presence in South America for some courses. We will keep you informed about it.

Maurizio is also a member of the Committee in charge of the Laws of the WBF besides being one of the most respected directors in the world. His record as a player is enviable, he has played at the highest level until 1997, year when he decided to devote himself exclusively to tournaments direction. More than a guarantee considering that today the WBF decided that the General Director has the last word.

Maurizio is also the one who devised and help to develop all the new technology for the big events , it all started in 2007 when he presented the project » Paperless Championships » so Santiago promises to be a luxury at all levels ! .

During the II Mind Sport Games that were played in Lille ( FRA ) in 2012 , I had the opportunity to make him an extensive video report where he explains all these issues and more. (Read below how to chose subtitles in English or Spanish). The video is in Italian.

 M Di Sacco exp ingles