Montegrotto International Bridge Festival: 5th-10th March 2013. 

The Lavazza Team (Lavazza MT, N. Bocchi, G. Duboin, G. Ferraro, A. Sementa) won the Teams event trophy.

Montegrotto2013 winner Team Lavazza

Montegrotto is next to Padua, in the Colli Euganei, beautiful hills known since the Roman Empire Era because its hundreds of thermal springs; almost all the hotels have their pool and mud bath treatments. The Festival has three National pair tourney and the International Team one. It starts with the… You can read in NeapolitanClub  all the excelent report from Mr Paolo Enrico Garrisi.


 These are Francesca Canali reports in italian for the Italian Bridge Federation,[ilink url=»»] FiGB.[/ilink]

 March 10

 After 13 rounds, 8 boards each the Lavazza Team (Lavazza MT, N. Bocchi, G. Duboin, G. Ferraro, A. Sementa) won the Tournament, runner Ups by 4  points Ward-Platt Team (Platt K. Ward- , F. Fantoni, Multon F. Nunes C). Thirs was the Pauncz Team (P. Pauncz, A. Buratti, N. Fossi, C. Mariani).

 Final Considerations

     The  festival was organized by Lino Bonelli and Pierluigi Malipiero with the colaboration of Lino Folli. Massimo Ortensi coordinated the whole festival Direction. The awards ceremony was attended by many leaders of the FIGB: the Presidente del Comitato Regionale Veneto Beppino Menegaldo and the Presidente del Comitato Provinciale del Coni di Padova Dino Ponchio.

     All the winners were:

     Pairs Event “Cento in due”: Monica Aghemo – Andrea Buratti
     Mixed event: Luigina Gentili – Paolo Uggeri
     Open Pairs: Andrea Buratti – Carlo Mariani
     Teams event: Lavazza (Maria Teresa Lavazza, Norberto Bocchi, Giorgio Duboin, Guido Ferraro, Antonio Sementa)

March 9

Andrea Buratti e Carlo Mariani
Andrea Buratti & Carlo Mariani

Montegrotto incessant drizzle. Andrea Buratti (Circolo di Bologna) after winning the tournament «due in 100» with Monica Aghemo this Thursday, won the last of the three Mitchell events of theFestival, the Open Pairs Tournament with Carlo Mariani (Circolo del Bridge Firenze). Second place went to the young Frank Henry (SSD Angelini Bridge) and Matteo Montanari (Bridge Bologna), the third step of the podium was for Sergio Freddio (Bridge Bologna) and Berardino Mancini (Pescara Bridge).

Started the International Teams Tournament: 78 teams are in the competition since yesterday afternoon. Those who came to see good bridge and can see many of the best players in the world: Norberto Bocchi, Andrea Buratti, Duboin Giorgio, Fulvio Fantoni, Guido Ferraro, Franck Multon, Lanzarotti Massimo, Claudio Nunes, Antonio Sementa … a bridge paradise.

March 8

Paolo Uggeri y Luigina Gentili

Paolo Uggeri (GGL010, Bridge Varese) and Luigina Gentili (GNN013, A.B.A./T.C.A. Milano) won the Mixed pairs Tournament,  Second arrived  from Padua: Maurizio Palmieri (PLZ001, Bridge Camerino) and Patrizia De Lucchi (MNZ014, Padova Bridge) third Paola Biondi(BNL230, Bridge Bologna) and Nerio Ricci (RCR007, C.lo Bridge Città di Udine).

 Mixed pairs results

March 7

Andrea Buratti y Monica Aghemo
Andrea Buratti y Monica Aghemo

 Andrea Buratti (BRR031, Círculo de Bolonia) and Mónica Aghemo (GHC014, TOP ONE) won the Pairs Tournament: 2 en 100 with the 62,95%. This is a very good moment for this partnership: Mónica & Andrés, few days ago won the Pairs event of the Canes Bridge Festival. [button link=»» size=»small» window=»yes»] All the results[/button]