Rome, June 8, 2017

Yesterday I arrived in Rome to spend a few days in the house of Eugenia and Mario Chavarria before leaving for Montecatini where, from next Saturday, will begin the European Open Bridge Championships.

But last night, last night … last night I was invited to dinner at the house of Alfredo Versace and Emanuela Pramotton, where I shared an incredible evening, with an amazing group of friends.

Early in the afternoon, the mythical Alberto Benetti and Robin Fellus came to look for us. As soon as I set foot in the apartment, I felt at home. Eighteen people, sat at the table to enjoy a dinner whose chef was Alfredo. Here I have to stop and add that his culinary skills is only comparable to his bridge skills.

The menu:

First we tasted a dish prepared with tuna, buffalo mozzarella and tomato salad with oregano. Then came the pasta, Alfredo cooked spaghetti al dente! With tomato sauce, it was soooo delicious!

Then came the main course «Carpione de Pesce and Milanese» (I repeated twice), alongside you could also choose a delicious baked chicken with potatoes. All washed down with a variety of Italian wines from different regions, I must confess that the dry white of Sicily captivated me to the last drop.

To finish our host served the dessert: Peaches macerated, pastaflora and ice cream, then coffee and Cuban cigars… What else? The joy of sharing with friends one night that I will remember forever.

Thank you very much, Emanuela and Alfredo for your friendship and for dinner.

Today we are going to walk the city with Robin, and I will tell you afterwards …

Fer 1

Great night pre-Montecatini!!!, By Leo Nardo:

Fer 1

With the mythical Fernando Alfredo Lema….at Alfredo Versace home.

fer 2

By ferlema