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Monte-Carlo Masters by Fulvio Fantoni

13 de Abril 2014,

Hi all 😆

After the Vanderbilt, our next tournament will be Italian Open Teams Championships. They will be held in Salsomaggiore in about ten days. Waiting for this appointment, Iolanda, Claudio and I are preparing to enjoy one of the most spectacular weeks of the year in Monte-Carlo: Monte-Carlo Tennis Masters Tournament!!

Specifically dressed (peaked cap), from the seats of the bleachers our gaze accompanies the ball at the right and at the left of the net. Our unusual role of spectators could nearly let us forget for some hours about bridge…forgetting for some hours about bridge? Is this possible?

In the middle of the match, Claudio turns toward me and says: «I wonder how many tennis players won the Grand Slam up to now.»

He is clearly referring to the prestigious recognition for the tennis players who conquer within a year the gold medal in the four most important competitions: Australian Open, France open, Wimbledon and U.S. Open. But it’s too late to specify this: our mind is alreay back to that Grand Slam of Vanderbilt‘s tables…

Fantoni Board 58

What would you like to play in this board? The contract that makes, the contract that can make (on a finesse) or the contract that would not make? Well, the «contract that would not make» pushed Monaco out of the highest step of the podium.

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My son Luca, Claudio, Rafael Nadal and me




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