Monaco Training by Fulvio Fantoni



17 April 2014 12:42

Hi all 😆

Krzysztof Martens

While Monte-Carlo slowly gets ready for Spring (but the air is still pretty cold), these days are marked by our trainings with Krzysztof Martens, the coach of Monaco team.

The topic to be deepened is bidding in competition.

So we test deals taken from the Championships and we evaluate new bidding conventions; then Francesca adds them to our system.

Let’s do an example.

You hold:  2    –    AKJ983    KQJ986

And your partner holds:  Axx    Jxxxx    Qxxx    A

After an hypothetical 2 opening from the opponent, how would you bid the hand with your system?

Here is our convention:Mano Fantoni Entrenamiento

4 = two suits (/), very strong hand, at least 6/5. 4NT would describe the same two suited hand but weaker.

4NT = click here to continue reading