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Monaco Cavendish 2014: The XYZ in Action

Cavendish 2014

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September 4th 2014

These days it is common to find partnerships that in their convention cards report that they open all the hands with 10 or more points, hence the importance to have methods that allow them to slow down to be able to play at low levels.

In the last session of the Final A of the Open Pairs event two very young players from Italy, Di Franco – Franchi played against Vainikonis – Olanski from Lithuania. This is what happened in:

 Board 18Monaco Cavendish 2S Final  tab 18 a

Sitting in East, Franchi opened 1, Sur passed and Di Franco in West answered 1.

 After North’s Pass, East showed his 4 spade cards with a 1 rebid, South passed and was West’s turn.

Many would criticize West for inviting to game with 3? or if he had declared the game? And what about an optimistic diamond splinter? …

However, the young Italian used [ilink url=»»]the XYZ convention[/ilink] to allow the partnership to explore game possibilities using low level bids.

West used a 2 rebid, a non forcing game call, requesting opener to bid 2 which responder may pass or follow up with an invitational bid, afterwards Di Franco showed his spade support with 2 and that ended the bidding.

This was the bidding:

Oeste Norte Este Sur
    1 Pass
1 Pass 1 Pass
2* Pass 2 Pass
2 The End    

As you can see in the actual hand three spades are almost imposible to make..and 2 is cold…

 These were the results in the Final A six tables:

Monaco Cavendish 2S Final  tab 18 Res


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