Monaco Cavendish 2014: Tactical Bidding


Cavendish 2014

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September 6th 2014

The final of the Teams event saw the EIDI team defeating the VAINIKONIS team:

Teams carry over 1º Set 2º Set total
Eidi   43 32 75
Vainikonis 3 19 8 30

EIDI team: EIDI Michel; VROUSTIS Vassili; BESSIS Michel; BESSIS Thomas.


Jerzy Skrzypczak
Jerzy Skrzypczak
Bogusław Gierulski
Bogusław Gierulski

These are some interesting boards played by Jerzy SKRZYPCZAK; Boguslaw GIERULSKI from the runner-up team:

Round 7/7 qualifying stage, Board 5Monaco cavendish 2014 Tab 5

 After two Pass, Padon in South, opened 1, Fisher over bid 2 and North supported his partner with a 2 call. Schwartz showed a heart’s 4 cards support, Padon closed the spade game and Fisher stretched?/sacrificed? to 5. South chose to bid 5, he was doubled, and went one down (losing three tricks the three aces).

 At the other table Jerzy SKRZYPCZAK saw his partner’s Pass and East’s Pass.

 He added to this information, the lack of the four aces, which ensured the impossibility of slam, and opened with a 4 … discouraging communication between the opponents.

 Final Contract: 4

The declarer also lost 3 tricks, but the board gave him 13 IMPs. Monaco cavendish 2014 Tab 18

Round 5/7 qualifying stage, Board 18

Vroustis opened 1NT and Fisher showed his nice hearts, Eidi jumped to 4 to show a FG hand with 6 or more spades, South closed the spade game…the 4 had not left much room to maneuver. Declarer made ​​12 tricks smoothly.Monaco cavendish 2014 Tab 18 a

 At the other table Jerzy SKRZYPCZAK also opened 1NT but T. Bessis didn’t open his mouth and North was able to transfer to spades with 2.

Boguslaw GIERULSKI rebid 2 and North jumped to 4 a splinter, showing short hearts, 6 or more spade cards, and slam interest. South used Blackwood and when he listen his partner had  two  keycards with the trump queen, closed the slam.

 The last hand of this article was played in the second round of the Monaco Patton played after the Cavendish.Monaco Patton 2014 Tab 1

Board 1

With only 3 cards in the majors and non-vulnerable Boguslaw GIERULSKI opened his hand with a 3 bid, Nowosadzki in East passed and South made life uncomfortable to the opps with 5, he was doubled. The declarer lost one spade, two hearts = -100.

At the other table the bidding was normal and E/W declared and made 4.

Monaco Patton 2014 Tab 1 a