MILNE will represent Australia in the 2014 Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship

Milne team
Liam Milne, Nye Griffiths, Andy Hung, Adam Edgtton, Ishmael DelMonte, Peter Hollands

The MILNE team (Liam Milne, Nye Griffiths,  Andy Hung,  Adam Edgtton, Ishmael DelMonte, Peter Hollands) has won the 2014 National Open Teams  defeating the LORENTZ team (Gabi Lorentz, Stephen Burgess, Paul Marston, Ashley Bach, Matthew Thomson, Pablo Lambardi)  161-139 IMPS.

The MILNE team have qualified to represent Australia in the:

2014 Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championship in Glasgow in September.

Commonwealth logo

Scotland is the host of the 4th Commonwealth Nations Bridge Championships in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Glasgow from 8th – 14th September 2014.  Each member nation of the 71 Commonwealth states is invited to enter a team. Teams can consist of up to six members.

The event will take the form of a round robin qualifying stage with the leading teams in each section progressing to head-to-head knockout matches that will identify the eventual Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners. The entry fee will be £1000 per team. 

Teams eliminated from the main event will be invited, at no additional cost, to compete in a two day Transnational Swiss teams event on the 12th and 13th of September. On the 14th September there will be an Open Pairs, again at no additional cost to participants in the main event.

Generous prizes will be awarded for the TNST and the Open Pairs. Teams from around the world are invited to enter these subsidiary events as this is an opportunity to play against some of the leading players in the Commonwealth. Entry fees for the TNST are £400 per team and, for the Pairs, £80 per pair.

Teams entering the TNST will be eligible to play in the pairs at no additional cost. Expressions of interest should be sent to Cathy Ferguson