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Medellin, June 2, 2016

The city of Medellin is one of the major agricultural growing centers in the flower export industry that Colombia is famous for. In fact, Colombia is the number two supplier of live flowers to world markets, just behind Holland.

In the early and mid-nineteenth century the only way that farmers had to bring their products to the city of Medellin, was the saddle, this became its loading means for transferring children, the sick and all products from the mountains. Every year in Medellin, Colombia in August is celebrated the «Festival of Flowers» an event that serves as a framework for a number of cultural events that attract both locals and tourists from different latitudes.

The most important event that also serves as a closure of the fair is the central event of the Silleteros Parade in which hundreds of peasants parading with huge floral arrangements behind their backs (some 120 KG and more) hoping to get the audience’s applause.

The BBO Vugraph during this SA Bridge Teams Championships, Medellin 2016, also became a parade of excellent bridge teams, that enchanted kibitzers with declarer plays and auctions really complicated, but highly effective. Here are some of the QF’s boards that made players look as silleteros in its annual parade:

Match: Milner-Caracci

med 2016 Milner Medellin 2016 Caracci

Medellin 2016 Tab 5QF 1/3; Tablilla 5: 

After two pass, Lall opened 1, Robles doubled and Milner with his 3 told partner about his weak hand with four cards support. Caracci said pass, Lall said 3 and Robles declared the spade game, end of story. Declarer made 13 tricks…for +510.medellin 2016 tab 5 1

At the other table Welland chose another contract…

After two pass, Garcia chose to open his hand at the two level, Welland doubled and Rondon added pressure with 3…Two more pass and Welland reopened with a 4 cue-bid and when her partner showed a diamond suit he defines the Grand Slam.

He also made 13 tricks, but with a bonus:+1440, 14 IMPs for Milner.

This first 14 boards set ended 46-25 for Milner.

Match: Camberos- Perula medellin 2016 tab 20

The set started 59-0 for Perula.

 Board 20

After the sequence 1 -1 -1… 2 obliged to two diamonds to pass.

Both declareres made the same number of tricks but on the other table they were playing 9 tricks and Camberos won 6 IMPs.

The Cambero’s players kicked the ball whenever they could, cards were not favorable.

medellin 2016 Tab 19 a

 Board 19

Ventin-Wrang, arrived to the game in spades and chose not explore the possibility of slam. At the other table the Camberos team needing IMPs declare the spade slam. Michielson sealed the fate of the contract, when she led a diamond and declarer could no longer make his slam.

Board 28

medellin 2016 tab 28Again the cards did not help Cambero’s team, the other table played at the three level and the set finished almost tied.