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Medellin, May 31, 2016

Great bridge, in Medellin 2016. The BBO vugraph transmits each match better than the other, with bridge stars from different parts of the world demonstrating their skills. A real pleasure to look at…

The last match of the day, with Auken-Welland in one of the tables for the Milner team against a couple from Spain: Llopart and Gomez for the Barcelona team.  Amadeo Llopart is married to Maria del Carmen Babot (Spain), a former Southamerican Champion. Did he came to South America to tie with his wife? we will see.

med 2016 tab 15

The first board produced 11 IMPs for Barcelona: Welland chose to lead a small spade against 3NT, he was unlucky, he found Jx in dummy, which gave declarer two spade stoppers and the contract . At the other table Markovic lead the K, and declarer could no longer make his contract.

 In board 17, Barcelona scored again, this time 6 IMPs, when they won a spade partscore. In the other room, the contract was a spade game, down one…

The reply came quickly …

Med 2016 Tab 18

Board 18: Contract 3NT

 Lead: 6

Declarer won East’s K with the ace and played a diamond to the K, Justin Lall ducked. Markovic cashed A and K and run the 4, East’s valet won the trick.

Justin returned a small club, declarer went to dummy’s queen, and continued with a heart. Hemant Lall won with his queen and played a club for one down.

At the other table Welland also played 3NT, with a 10 lead. When East played low, declarer won the trick with the Q, and played the 7, to theK winning the trick. He returned to his hand with a heart to play the 4. West won with the J and returned the K.

Welland won with the ace, and played his last diamond. Gomez won with the ace and returned a heart. Declarer won the ace and played a club to the 10 … Gomez won with the ace, and returned the valet of heart, Llopart won the trick with the queen, but any return gave Welland his 9th trick. Milner team recovered 12 IMPs. From then on the Milner team continued adding, till accumulate a difference in his favor of 29 IMPs, when Barcelona found a slam in board 27 and pulled 11 IMPs.

Med 2016 tab 27 1

 Board 27

 After three pass, Gomez opened 1, and when he heard a 2 answer, pushed his partner to slam.

 Lead: 6

 Declarer won the trick with the A, continued with the K, where Welland played the Q. The third trick was won with the J. Gomez continued with a club to the queen, Auken played her king, to return the 3…

Gomez played the ace, cashed the club ace, played a trump round and run his three diamonds, pitching all the spades from dummy, he finished the job with a heart to the ten, claiming 12 tricks.

At the other table E/W also made 12 tricks … but they were playing 5.

The  match ended: Milner: 50 – Barcelona: 29