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Medellin, May 30, 2016

I was still in my box on Mount Olympus, when I had the opportunity to see a battle between Gods of the Olympus. In the third round of the Round Robin of the Open Teams of the Southamerican Championships, Milner Team played against the Chagas team.

Med 2016 Chagas med 2016 Milner

 Board 7, All Vulnerable: In one of the tables the Lalls, chose to play a partscore in diamond; scoring +110.medellinb 2016 tab 7

At the other table Agustin Mandala and Alejandro Bianchedi had a different view of the hand, and raised the bet to the game level.

 Welland opened 1, Bianchedi passed, Auken too, and Agustín showed his hand saying 1NT. Alejandro interpreted that for that 1NT, he had enough for game.

 Lead: 2

Madala made de first trick with the J, cashed the K and cashed the 9.  Continued with the Q, Welland pitched the 2, Auken showed her club. Agustín squeezed a little more the rope playing the 6. And Welland chose another spade, 6. Declarer continued with another annoying diamond, Auken this time chose a heart and Welland a club.

To close the show, Agustin left dummy playing a spade, and when Auken played the 7, he played the A… while we were looking Welland’s queen over the table, Agustin end-played Welland with a club, to receive after four clubs a heart for his 9th trick…

med 2016 tab 8

 This was the next hand, perhaps the heat of the battle just lost, made Welland saw a slam, not played at the other room.

 Mr Ahollan1, from BBO explained the bidding:

 1 = (4)5+, des-bal

1NT: relay FG

2 = 5+ 4+!

2 = Relay

3 = exact distribution 4261

He wrote: I think 3 = Optional RKC for  and for the angry people he added: for all of the complaints people sending me about Welland treating south as game-force… keep in mind the context of 1 known to be unbal, 5+ unless 4441.

Madala led a diamond. Ahollan1 wrote: declarer unfriendly lead from Madala. But the play was fast, and Welland must have felt an infinite peace.

Ahhh the match ended Milner:12.44 -Chagas: 7.56…