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Masterpoint double for Zia Mahmood

With 348.08 platinum masterpoints earned at the 2012 Fall NABC, Zia Mahmood racked up a rare double – he is 2012 ACBL Player of the Year and winner of the Goren Trophy, awarded to the player who does the best at a Fall NABC.
Zia’s total of 348.08 was more than 60 points better that Goren runner-up Justin Lall. The masterpoints Zia won were all platinum, awarded for NABC+ events (national rating, no upper masterpoint restrictions). The Player of the Year is the ACBL member who wins the most platinum masterpoints in a calendar year.
Entering the Fall NABC in San Francisco, Zia had earned 453.96 platinum points. His total in San Francisco boosted his 2012 tally to 802.04 to 724.07 for runner-up Thomas Bessis.

Leaders in the 2012 Fall NABC masterpoint contest for the Goren Trophy:
1. 348.08 Zia Mahmood
2. 285.56 Justin Lall
3. 281.90 Apolinary Kowalski
4. 279.08 Chip Martel
5. 259.53 Marion Michielsen
6. 257.19 Cecilia Rimstedt
7. 255.00 Bart Bramley
8. 255.00 Lew Stansby
9. 248.09 Sabine Auken
10. 248.09 Roy Welland
11. 236.90 Jacek Romanski
12. 236.57 John Diamond


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