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Master Point Press Book of the Year

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Canadian expert Roy Hughes has written four bridge books: Building a Bidding System, Card by Card, Canada’s
Bridge Warriors: Murray & Kehela, and The Contested Auction — all have been short-listed for the Master Point Press
Book of the Year Award. Hughes won the 2007 award for Canada’s Bridge Warriors. Now he has won the 2012
award for his latest, The Contested Auction.

Hughes’ background in mathematics and linguistics has led him to think a great deal about the theory and structure
of effective bidding systems. In The Contested Auction, he turns to the theory and practice of competitive auctions,
a critical component of the modern game. Beginning by establishing what the bidding system needs to accomplish,
Hughes goes on to discuss every type of contested auction, and recommends useful methods and agreements from which the reader can select. This is an up-to-date discussion, covering many topics in detail that have at best seen cursory treatment in print up to now. Hughes discusses “different philosophies and strategies to cope with the modern vernacular, stressing the importance of clarity of principles, comfort with agreed methods, and a commitment
to understanding any treatment and its consequences before adopting it.”
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