Worth Knowing about Negative Doubles

A. They have no upper limit in strength. The same is also true for all other doubles!

B. The only Negative Dude that promises both unbid suits is 1 – (1) – Dbl.

C. Unbid suits promised at the two level:

  • If 2 unbid majors, double shows 1 or 2 majors.
  • If 1 unbid major, double shows that major.
  • If no unbid majors, double shows 1 or 2 minors.

D. They don’t promise shortness in the opponent’s suit but four cards is rare.

E. A Negative Double followed by a new suit at the two or three level is weak.

Opener Rebids after Responder’s Double

1. All jumps are invitationals.

2. The only forcing bid is a cue-bid. This bid is forcing to game. but says nothing else about opener’s hand.

3. Opener may be stuck, and be forced to:

  • rebid a 5-card suit: OR
  • bid a new suit with 3 cards; OR
  • bid 1NT with no stopper in opponents suit.

4. A double jump to 3NT promises a strong unbalanced hand with a long suit.

5. Should opener pass partner’s double?

  • At 1 or 2 level – rarely. Only with both length (4+ cards) and strength in the opponents suit.
  • At 3 level – sometimes. Opener will usually have four cards in the opponents suit.
  • At 4 level – often, if no convenient bid.