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Marty Bergen

Improve Your Bridge Game with Marty Bergen  is Marty Bergen’s facebook. There Marty, a prolific bridge books author  and one of the best players and best teachers in the world constantly publish useful information for those who want to improve their bridge. @BergenOnBridge if you want to follow him on twitter.

Something very interesting is to read the comments people leave on each of his publications ….

Today we read on Twitter: Never signal with a card that might take a trick if you held on to it.

From Wednesday: Every player has head, “When in doubt, lead trump.” Obviously, if your other suits are “unleadable”, you would lead a trump but the above statement is not very helpful. I much prefer the following guideline: The best time to lead a trump is when you are NOT in doubt.”

Jan 6: When partner shows a strong 6-card suit, a singleton honor is good support.

Jan 4: Although an overcall doesn’t promise an opening bid, it doesn’t deny one either.

Become his facebook friend and read his daily publications … a must.