Gilad Ofir

Salsomaggiore, August 11 2016

Gilad Ofir
Gilad Ofir


The Auction:

West   North    East       South 
       2     2
 4   5   Pass     6
  Pass Pass   End

Final Contract: 6

Lead: 10

North’s jump to five spades asked South to bid six if he had a heart control.

While South did have a first round control in hearts, the fact that he was pretty much minimum for his overcall argued against a first round contol-bid of six hearts along the way to the spade slam.

West led the 10 to declarer’s ace. Declarer counted ten top tricks with an eleventh available from a heart ruff. The extra trick could come from the club suit or from a winning diamond finesse.

The Solution:

By ferlema