Losing Trick Count – part 2


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Should I invite game with this hand? What should my rebid be after partner raises my suit’? These are common questions. When you find yourself faced with these decisions, pause and count your losers. This will give you the answer.

Losing Trick Count (LTC) does not replace point Count.  Rather, it is used as an adjunct to the point-count system when a trump fit comes to light.

Last month’s article explained how to count losers.

We have seen that a minimum opening hand bid generally has seven losers and that a seven-loser hand opposite a seven-loser hand should produce 10 tricks 7 + 7 = 14, which, subtracted from 24 = 10, the number of tricks the partnership should be able to take.

As the responder, if you have for opener’s suit, base your response on how many losers you have.

With nine or more, make a simple raise.. With eight, invite game with a limit raise. With seven, make a game force. With six losers, consider bidding slam and with 11th or fewer, head toward slam. What would you bid with these hands after partner opens 1 club? Click here to continue reading