Loser Disappears in This Decepetion by O. Jacoby

Oswald Jacoby
Oswald Jacoby

The Pittsburgh Press – May 23, 1978

Paul  Lukacs
Paul Lukacs

Today’s deceptive play is one of Paul Lukacs Bridge World problems. There are four potential losers. South’s problem is to make one of them disappear into thin air. The apparent deceptive play is to take the ace of diamonds, draw trumps and lead the jack of spades from your own hand.ows mano

If West ducks you have eliminated your spade loser. You will ruff and discard two of dummy’s clubs on good spades.

THIS ISN’T GOING to work against a suspicious West. He will think a while, rise with the ace of spades and go after clubs.

Then what is more likely to work?

Paul suggests leading dummy’s spade at trick two and playing your eight.

West will take the trick with the nine and not see any spade danger at all. Therefore, he will leave clubs alone.

You will get in probably with a diamond ruff, draw trumps, lead your king of spades to ruff out West’s ace and get those two vital discards.