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Leonardo Bridge

Leonardo Bridge is a new addition in the world of Online Bridge.

It allows users to play bridge with friends, acquaintances and find new friends to play, all leveraging the transparency and identity restrictions of Facebook.

Achilles and Vasiliki
Achilles and Vasiliki

Achilles and Vasiliki designed and developed Leonardo Bridge mainly because they were missing a decent FB based Bridge app.

The two started working together when they opened a recording studio in Athens in 1998. One thing brought another and they expanded their business doing web design during that early period of the web. Since then, they have collaborated in the design and development of many web applications. This is their first online game.

Vasiliki, a greek master bridge player of 10 years had been trying to get Achilles to start playing for a few years. Eventually they started playing home games (also known as partie libre) and, when Achilles moved to Berlin where he currently resides started playing online on BBO.

And yet, although BBO is obviously the strongest and most prevalent Bridge platform, there was something missing. They were missing the friendly atmosphere of home games, and the ability for everyone to play with everyone else on a table throughout the evening otherwise known as four deal bridge.Leonardo bridge

These two issues is what lead the team in the development of Leonardo Bridge.

Leveraging Facebook’s platform and built-in tools such as chats and frienships, Leonardo is able to offer a more personal experience, where everybody -or almost everybody- uses his real name. Thus, you can play with your friends but also find new friends that share your interest in Bridge.leonardo bridge

Leonardo also implemented a variation of the four deal bridge rules in the form of «Individual» tables, where each player rotates and plays against everyone else. This is currently a feature unique to Leonardo in any platform.

Another important issue that was a very important factor in the development of Leonardo was the graphic design of the game. The team wanted a friendly and clean interface, that closely models a real-life bridge table and is friendly to both adept players and newcomers.

We invite you to try now, click in Leonardo Bridge.


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