The Daily Courier – Dec 13, 1995

One interesting feature in Australian Bridge magazine is called Les Entames.

This is French for opening leads. The articles, by Jose Le Dentu, are translations from Le Bridgeur Magazine. Coincidentally, this deal occurred in an Australian tournament. alder 1

West bid 4NT to show a minor two-suiter. This was a debatable choice with such a weak hand, but he had the vulnerability in his favor.

Against seven spades doubled, West knew enough not to lead a diamond.

If he had selected a club, the grand slam would have been defeated. But he led the J. Was he hoping his partner had the ace and playing for two down?

If so. this was poor thinking. If East had an ace, the heart ace was unlikely to run away, whereas the club ace might.

Jaïs, Albarran, Le Dentu,Peeters. 1949
Jaïs, Albarran, Le Dentu,Peeters. 1949

Declarer claimed at trick one for plus 2470. At the other table.

East bought the contract in seven diamonds doubled. South led the A. Declarer ruffed, played a trump to dummy and finessed in clubs. His heart losers disappeard on dummy’s long clubs.

So that grand slam made too for plus 1630 and a net of 4100, or the maximum 24 international matchpoints.

After the story of each deal Le Dentu gives a principle.

This one was: If the opponents bid a small or grand slam af ter your side has bid a suit, they are prepared for that lead.