LC Standard — Notrump Openings (Part 2)


In this 2nd part of the most-difficult-to-fill-out section in LC Standard, we examine interference after 1NT. If you can just make it through this notrump section, it will be smooth sailing thereafter. I’m sorry to have to start out with such a heavy dose of «system.»  

The items marked in the box in the illustration below will be discussed this time.



Warning: There is no easy way to dish out this medicine. If you want to enjoy life more, just skip this article and don’t worry about your opponents interfering against 1NT.  If you want to torture yourself and be prepared for interference, be willing to memorize.  I know–it is painful.


We’ll get to the «lebensohl» convention in a moment. First…

If the opponents make an artificial double of 1NT :

Ignore it completely–system is on 100%. Whatever you play after 1NT (Pass), play it after 1NT (artificial double). Redouble shows a good hand (typically balanced) and sets up penalty doubles. Click here to continue reading