LC Standard (Larry Cohen Standard)


Bridge Winners is proud to present a new series by Larry Cohen, the acclaimed player, teacher, and author of the book To Bid or Not to Bid: The LAW of Total Tricks.  The series, the first articles of which were already published in his personal newsletter, will explain in detail his new 2/1 system, LC Standard.  The full card is available and printable through our convention card editor via the Suggested Starting Points tab.

"Larry Cohen"
Larry Cohen

In this series, I am taking the reader through what I believe to be a simple, yet effective bidding system. It will enable any partnership to «fill out a convention card» in less than 15 minutes–and be ready to play.

There are many options when filling out a convention card/system.  I’ve taken what I’ve learned from 35 years playing and 20 years teaching to present what I believe to be the best choices. My overall philosophy is…Click here to continue