"Norberto Bocchi"
     From May 26 to June 3, 2012, in Montevideo (ROU), organized by the AUB (Asociación Uruguaya de Bridge) and under the auspices of CBS (Confederación Sudamericana de Bridge) and WBF (World Bridge Federation), will be held the IV South American Transnational Bridge Festival, Montevideo 2012.
The Transnational category was first played in 2006 in the city of Cartagena (COL) and continues to grow since then, so much so that  the last Festival, Mar del Plata 2010, involved 42 teams and now missing 41 days for the event, 30 teams signed on. 

"Gabriel Chagas"Gabriel Chagas

Several world figures already confirmed their participation, among them we can find the WGM Gabriel Chagas (BRA) and Norberto Bocchi (ITA) number 11 in the world ranking, both will compete as partners, in the pairs event and in the teams event. It also integrates this select list of world masters Mr. Marcelo Castello Branco (BRA).

 We also want to mention the Italian-Argentine Agustin Madala (WLM), the dean of  the Argentine Maestros Dr. Marcelo Lerner (WLM) who is 87 years and maintains his World Wide level play, and most of the best players in South America.

"Marcelo Lerner"
Marcelo Lerner

 For this opportunity the organizers led by James Scavuzzo and Jose Brechner have provided the transmissions by BBO’s vugraph from Monday June 27, beginning with the final of the pairs event, all the qualifying RR for the teams event, and its semi-final and final.
The General Director of the event will be Dr. Gustavo Chediak. You can find all relevant information in the official site of the event:


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