Las Vegas 2014: Sunday July 27th


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Sunday July 27th, 2014

Schwartz defeats Monaco in Spingold final

Team Schwartz, winners of the Spingold Knockout Teams, with ACBL President Phyllis Harlan. — con Ron Schwartz y Lotan Fisher.   Team Monaco las vegas 2014
ACBL President Phyllis Harlan, center, presents the Spingold Knockout Teams Trophy to Richard Schwartz, captain of the winning team. Schwartz and company surged ahead in the second quarter of the match
and fought off a late rally by Team Monaco for a 142-115 victory. With Harlan and the team captain are Allan Graves, Ron Schwartz, Lotan Fisher, Espen Lindqvist and Boye Brogeland.
  Team Monaco – Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Tor Helness and Geir Helgemo – finished second in the Spingold Knockout Teams. Team captain Pierre Zimmermann and his partner, Franck Multon, were
unavailable for the photo.

Fireman squad wins Roth Open Swiss

Fireman squad, winners of the Roth Open Swiss. — con John Kranyak, Vincent Demuy y Gavin Wolpert.   Second in the Roth Open Swiss Teams
They won the Roth Open Swiss Teams: John Kranyak, Vince Demuy, Gavin Wolpert, John Hurd, Joel Wooldridge and (inset) captain Paul Fireman. Their two-day total was 131.49 victory points. It was the first NABC win for Fireman.   Second in the Roth Open Swiss Teams with 122.67 VPs: (standing) Darren Wolpert, Jeff Roman, captain Tom Breed; (seated): Daniel Korbel, Chris Compton and David Grainger.

Brogeland, Fisher and Schwartz win Fishbein Trophy

Three members of the victorious squad in the Spingold – Boye Brogeland, Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz – are the 2014 winners of the Fishbein Trophy, given annually to the player(s) earning the most masterpoints at the Summer NABC. The trio earned 250 points in the Spingold, plus 66.34 in regional teams events.
The other winners of the Spingold – Allan Graves, Richard Schwartz and Espen Lindqvist – finished just behind the top three.

MP leaders in Las Vegas

1 316.34 Boye Brogeland
316.34 Lotan Fisher
316.34 Ron Schwartz
4 315.35 Allan Graves


5 315.35 Richard Schwartz
6 311.40 Espen Lindqvist
7 274.89 Joel Wooldridge
8 267.50 Giorgio Duboin
267.50 Zia Mahmood
10 254.04 Douglas Doub
11 225.51 John Kranyak
12 224.36 Vincent Demuy
13 221.39 John Hurd
14 216.59 Franklin Merblum
15 205.87 Marc Nathan
16 199.77 Gavin Wolpert
17 195.91 Claudio Nunes
18 194.50 Alan Sontag
19 180.00 Tor Helness
180.00 Fulvio Fantoni
180.00 Geir Helgemo
180.00 Franck Multon
180.00 Pierre Zimmermann