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Saturday July 26 2014

Claudio Nunes Spingold 2014
Claudio Nunes
Spingold 2014

Monaco vs. Schwartz in Spingold final

Today’s final of the Spingold KO Teams pits Monaco (Pierre Zimmermann, Franck Multon, Geir Helgemo, Tor Helness, Fulvio Fantoni and Claudio Nunes) against Richard Schwartz’s squad (Allan Graves, Lotan Fisher, Ron Schwartz, Boye Brogeland and Espen Lindqvist). Monaco led throughout its semifinal match with Team Lavazza (Giorgio Duboin, Zia Mahmood, Alejandro Bianchedi, Agustin Madala and Norberto Bocchi). The final score was 143-105. The other side of the bracket featured a tight match with several lead changes. Schwartz outlasted Team Assael (Antonio Sementa, Alexander Smirnov, Josef Piekarek and Mustafa Cem Tokay) 97-88.

Christina Lund Madsen
Christina Lund Madsen

Madsen in front in Open Swiss

Two all-female teams topped yesterday’s qualifying round in the Roth Open Swiss Teams. In first is Christina Madsen’s squad with a carryover of 30 victory points. Madsen is playing with Christal Henner, Migry Zur Campanile and Veronique Bessis.
In second with a carryover of 23.94 is the Chinese women’s team that won the Wagar Women’s Knockout earlier this week. The squad is captained by Wenfei Wang. One hundred teams qualified for today’s two session final.

Friedlander takes Mini-Spingold crown

Richard Fellars, Mark Friedlander, Howard Engle and Mark Weisman
Richard Fellars, Mark Friedlander, Howard Engle and Mark Weisman

The Chicago-based squad captained by Mark Frielander won yesterday’s final match in the Mini-Spingold I KO Teams by defeating Wenbo Zhang’s with fewer than 5000 masterpoints. Playing with Friedlander were Richard Fellars, Howard Engle and Mark Weisman. Engle and Weisman are previous winners of the Bruce Life Master Pairs (in 2011), another event restricted to 5000 masterpoints. Zhang’s teammates were Jiawei Luo, Yuan Chen and Robert Hou. The squad is based in the Toronto area. Friedlander jumped out to a 15- IMP lead in the first quarter, but Zhang erased it in the second set and took an 11-IMP lead at the half. Friedlander regained the lead in the third quarter and stayed firmly in control in the last set to win by 48.