Las vegas LogoFriday, July 25th 2014

In the 2014 Spingold QFs, the Hamman team played against the Assael team, this is Segment 1 board 7, when the match was Assael 24-Hamman 5…

TEAM ASSAEL: Antonio Sementa, Parma Italy; Alexander Smirnov, Lubeck Germany; Josef Piekarek, Hamburg Germany; Mustafa Cem Tokay, Istanbul Turkey

TEAM Hamman: Bob Hamman, Dallas TX; Peter Weichsel, Carlsbad CA; Ross Grabel, Palm Desert CA; Howard Weinstein, Omaha NE; Brian Glubok, New York NY; Roger Lee, Arcadia CA

Spingold 2014 Hammann-Assael S1 Tab 7 NG

Board 7

 After Tokay’s Pass, Hamman opened his hand with a 1 bid. Sementa took the opportunity to show his black suits and Weischel showed his strong hand with heart support with a spade cue-bid.

Hamman limited his hand closing the heart game but his partner showed slam interest with another spade cuebid.

Hamman with no minors controls, repeated his suit, and the pair never  could find out more about the heart suit quality and surrendered in a small heart slam.

 Declarer made 13 tricks.Spingold 2014 Hammann-Assael S1 Tab 7 G

 At the other table after the 1 opening bid, Lee showed his weak hand with 6 spades cards with a 2 overcall. Piekarek declared 3 = 3+ hearts and 10+ HCP.

Glubok recognizing that the slam was a clear possibility, showed his spade support…for a possible sacrifice.

Smirnov, informed about his minimum hand closing the heart game. Piekarek with AK in both minors and the spade ace, only needed to know the trump suit quality and asked Keycards, his partner’s answer showing two keycards plus the trump queen helped him to arrive to 13 tricks and declare the Grand Slam.

Lee after a long thought sacrificed in 7, doubled. Declarer was 6 down = -1700 helping his team to lose only 6 IMPs.