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March 18th

Nickell romps to Vanderbilt win

Nick Nickell’s team cruised to victory in the final of the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams, defeating Richard Schwartz’s squad 142-56. A relatively close first quarter morphed into a lopsided contest by the end of the second quarter, sporting a 46-IMP lead. The third quarter did not improve Schwartz’s prospects, and Nickell’s lead ballooned by the end of the match to 86 IMPs.

Byrnes on top in Jacoby Swiss qualifier

Dori Byrnes and company topped Saturday’s qualifying round of the Jacoby Open Swiss Teams. Byrnes, playing with Will Ehlers, Iulian Rotaru, Radu Nistor, Owen Lien and Zachary Brescoll, led the very strong field, scoring 127.04 victory points. In second with 108.68 VP is Team Lavazza. The squad’s roster is Norberto Bocchi, Alejandro Bianchedi, Agustin Madala, Dennis Bilde, Gorgio Duboin and Antonio Sementa.

Li leads Women’s Swiss

The squad led by Li Yiting topped the qualifying round of the Machlin Women’s Swiss Teams. Li, of Herndon VA, is playing with Wei Wang, Shuoyan Liu and Mei Xia of Shanghai, China. They scored 82.21 victory points in Saturday’s opening round. In second is Barbara Ferm’s team who scored 79.94 VP in the qualifier. Playing with Ferm of Dallas TX, are Migry Zur Campanile and Judy Radin of New York City, Jill Meyers of Santa Monica CA and Jill Levin of Henderson NV. Eight teams will play in today’s two-session final.

Washingtonians on the pole in Fast Pairs

Stanford Christie of Kirkland WA and Dave Westfall of Spokane WA set the pace in the NABC+ Fast Pairs, scoring a slim lead in Satuday’s qualifying sessions. Going into today’s final, they have a carryover of 109.73, not quite 3 matchpoints ahead of May Sakr of Bryn Mawr PA and Kryzysztof Martens of Poland with 106.92. A 38 is top in the final sessions. Christie and Westfall scored 59.10% in the first session and 60.48% in the second. The event runs with 11 minutes per two-board round.

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