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IV South American Transnational Bridge Festival

The IV South American Transnational Bridge Festival will be held in Montevideo, in the:

                                               Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel from May 26 to June 3, 2012.

The festival begins on May 26th at 16:00 pm with the South American Pairs Championship to be played in 5 sessions, three qualifying and two final sessions. 

South American Pairs Championship On-Line Results   Click Here

Stressing the High Level of the IV South American Transnational Bridge Festival

"Norberto Bocchi"
Norberto Bocchi

This festival will feature great players who compete at international level in the best tournaments worldwide. Perhaps the most striking pair is the one with the ever admired; WGM Gabriel Chagas (BRA) and Norberto Bocchi (ITA) number 11 WBF ranking, both will compete as a pair in the Team Championship. It also integrates this select list of masters Mr. Marcelo Castello Branco (BRA). We cannot fail to mention the Italian-Argentina Agustin Madala (WLM), and the dean of Argentine teachers Dr. Marcelo Lerner (WLM) who at his 87 years maintains his first-line game. Added to these is the troup of young South American players who since the last years are participating in the NABC (National American Bridge Championships). Among them worth mentioning the South America team:

"Gabriel Chagas"
Gabriel Chagas

Juan Carlos Ventin, Ernesto Muzzio, Bianchedi Alejandro, from Argentina, who competed just two months ago in one of the world’s most prestigious events, the Vanderbilt Cup where they defeated the mythical Nickell team: Nick Nickell, Zia Mahmood, Ralph Katz, Jeff Meckstroth, Eric Rodwell, Bob Hamman but were eliminated in the quarterfinals. Other young professionals in the South American bridge that are also regular participants of the most important international events are: Joao Paulo Campos, Miguel Villas Boas, Diego Brenner from Brazil, Benjamin Robles and Joaquin Pacareu from  Chile and Carlos Pellegrini from Argentina.

Given this field’s high level that has attracted a worldwide interest the event organization headed by James Scavuzzo and Jose Brechner have provided BBO vu-graph transmissions from Saturday May 26.

                                                                                      Read the event Bulletin 0:  Click Here.


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