IT’S ELEMENTARY by Brian Gunnell

Henry Meyer and Brian Gunnell.
Henry Meyer and Brian Gunnell.

Crime in London appeared to be taking a vacation, and so it seems was Sherlock Holmes when he found himself on opening lead at the Baker Street Bridge Club:

A65 92 T95 Q9654

Holmes West Watson East
Pass 1 Pass 1
Pass 1 Pass 1NT
Pass Pass Pass  

Let’s eavesdrop on the post-mortem in Holmes’ 221B bachelor quarters. But before we do, put yourself in the shoes of the great detective and consider your opening lead.

Watson Dash it, Holmes, why not lead the unbid suit? I must have Hearts.

Holmes Indeed, dear chap, you had four, but so did Declarer.

Watson We know that now.

Holmes And I knew it before I made my lead.

Watson An Englishman doesn’t peek.

Holmes No, it was the curious matter of your bidding.

Watson But I didn’t bid.

Holmes Yes, that was most curious.

How could Holmes figure out the Heart distribution?

Holmes My 6-count and the opponents’ bidding told me that you….click here to continue reading