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Italy: Open Teams Trials 1st Stage

Francesca Canali
Francesca Canali

February 2; 2014 for the FIGB by Francesca Canali

The first phase of the Italian Open teams Trials, for the European Open Teams Championships Opatija (CRO) –  June 21/ July 2 2014 ended this weekend.

These are the four teams that will play the semifinals:

ANGELINI (Angelini-Bove(cng)-Cima-Giubilo-Lauria-Sementa-Versace)
CESATI (Cesati-Baroni-Bettinetti-Ferrara-Marino-Massaroli)
BUSCAGLIA (Buscaglia-Gargano-Grimaldi-Moritsch-Penna-Turco)
GERLI (Gerli-Baldi-Del Buono-Murgia-Parolaro-Patelli)

The Angelini team, which scored the most points in the first casino online phase, had the opportunity to choose his opponent for the semifinals. So the next matches will be:

Angelini vs Buscaglia y Cesati vs Gerli

The Semifinald and the Final will be played in Salsomaggiore Terme, from February 13 to 16; 2014

Because of their excellent performance in this first phase the De Michelis, Biondo and Fioretti teams, will be able to participate in an international tournament of their choice among: Milán, Roma and Taormina.

You can access to all the results: Click here and in BDI Online you will be able to find fotos, videos and matches. Click here.

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