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Italy: National Pairs Championships

Bandera de la FIGB

This is how  Franco Broccoli described the event for the FIGB (Italian Bridge Federation).

failla giuseppe - failla andrea
Failla Giuseppe – Failla Andrea

Four days of competition, 156 board, an awards ceremony, applause and congratulations to all. The 2013 edition of the Italy Pairs Championships Open and Ladies, has just concluded and the podium, in their respective categories was for:  Giuseppe y Andrea Failla  (father and son)  and Margherita Kaifmann Chavarria – Francesca Piscitelli.

Margherita Kaifmann Chavarria - Francesca Piscitelli
Margherita Kaifmann Chavarria – Francesca Piscitelli

The exciting final of the open, with more eligible candidates in the pipeline until a few hands close to the end and the consequent close fight card by card, was offset by a magnificent performance of the new ladies champions who were in the lead right from the start to the final.

The two silver medals were won, respectively, by Giuseppe Cervini/Paolo Vailati and Rosanna Francisci/Loretta Giarnella.

Rounding out the podium Giuseppe Colotto/Claudio Pochini e Donatella Bersani/Alessandra Ferretti.

The FIGB President Gianni Medugno, attended the award ceremony, where he underlined the importance of this event  particularly and the high numbers of participation.


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