2012 Italian Clubs Championships


Photos by Francesca Canaliwww.areabridge.com

September 29 2012:Running Scores:

Open Final Results, 2012 Champion: Associato Allegra: Bocchi Norberto, Duboin Giorgio, Ferraro Guido, Lavazza Maria Teresa, Madala Agustin, Sementa Antonio are

Sede Giorno Segmento MP  
Salso 28/09/2012 1° (16 mani) 24-42   
Salso 29/09/2012 2° (16 mani) 22-25   
Salso 29/09/2012 3° (16 mani) 33-71   
Salso 29/09/2012 4° (16 mani) 48-28   
Salso 29/09/2012 5° (16 mani) 20-67   
Salso 30/09/2012 6° (16 mani) 15-24 Totale MP: 162 – 257

Bridge Reggio Emilia: Basile Mauro, Buratti Andrea, Comella Amedeo, Facchini Giancarlo, Fornaciari Ezio, Gianardi Carla, Mima Alado, Ruspa Gian Paolo

Women Final Results: 2012 Champion : BRIDGE REGGIO EMILIA: De Biasio Angela, Gigliotti Donatella, Golin Cristina, Olivieri Gabriella,  Rosetta Annalisa, Vanuzzi Marilina

Sede Giorno Segmento MP  
Salso 28/09/2012 1° (16 mani) 25-18   
Salso 29/09/2012 2° (16 mani) 25-21   
Salso 29/09/2012 3° (16 mani) 1-76   
Salso 29/09/2012 4° (16 mani) 41-31   
Salso 29/09/2012 5° (16 mani) 18-44   
Salso 30/09/2012 6° (16 mani) 30-40 Totale MP: 140- 230

BRIDGE CATANIA:  DI Pietro Aurora,  Duboin Eleonora Marzulli, Gianino Gloria, Gianino Sondra,  Maggi Piera, Manara Gabriella, Pezzino Maria Rosario,  Prato Pinella Valenza, Tamburelli Rosa Maria

Val di Magra wins the Open Play Off and is the 3rd.

Cristiano Miozzi by Francesca Canali

Val di Magra: Stefano Caiti, Robin Fellus, Massimo Lanzarotti, Andrea Manno, Cristiano Miozzi, Maurizio Pattacini… Val di Magra – Tennis Roma : 186-127

September 28 2012:

In the Open Allegra won his semifinal to Val di Magra and Reggio Emilia defeated Tennis Roma in the other semifinal.

Bridge Reggio Emilia 203.00
Associato Allegra 208.00
Bridge Val di Magra 118.00

In Women: Catania y Reggio Emilia will meet in the final

Circolo della Vela 115.00
Bridge Catania 192.00
Bridge Reggio Emilia 191.00

September 27 2012: 

Running Scores:

The two Open semifinals are: Tennis Roma vs Reggio Emilia and the other Allegra vs Val di Magra

Results after the first playing day: 

 Open:    Allegra 112 vs Val di Magra 36   and   Tennis Roma 24 vs Reggio Emilia 77

Women semifinales son: Bridge Catania – Circolo della Vela (Ancona) y la otra Circolo Bridge N.Ditto (Reggio Calabria) vs Bridge Reggio Emilia.

Results after the first playing day: 

Women: Bridge Catania 34  – Circolo della Vela  44  Circolo Bridge N.Ditto 71 vs Reggio Emilia 62

In 2011 the winner was the Team Allegra : BOCCHI Norberto;  MADALA Agustin; DUBOIN Giorgio;  ZALESKI Romain SEMENTA Antonio;   LAURIA Lorenzo;  GIUBILO Valerio;  VERSACE Alfredo

Set 1 of 5: Allegra vs Val di Magra

Set 2 of 5: Allegra vs Val di Magra

The 2012 Campionati di Società will be held in Salsomaggiore September 27 to 30, the teams will play the semi-finals and finals of the Campionati di Società and the Play Off and Play Out for the promotion to the upper series or to stay or leave their series. This championship, strongly supported by President Rona and at first not wanted at all, is at this moment the most loved by the Italian players and with out any doubt the most prestigious. The winning team clearly had the right to bear the title of Champion of Italy and, in the case of the Open, to represent Italy in the Champions Cup.

     The Semifinals will begin on Thursday afternoon and will be played over 80 boards ending Friday afternoon. From Friday evening to Sunday will be played the first and second place over 96 boards, while the Third place will be played over 64 boards and will end on Saturday night. The event will be broadcast live on BBO and real-time running score will appear on the FIGB website. Three of the four teams present here for each of the two categories (Open and Women), have earned the right to compete in these finals by being the best in the 3 groups of the First Series Round Robin. The two fourth are those who have won the play-offs between the three teams ranked second in the round robin in the 3 groups.           

     OPEN The real novelty of this edition is that it will not be able to attend a Final Allegra-Angelini. The Roman team has not in fact qualified for the semifinals. This is certainly a novelty if you think that on 8 editions held, 4 were Allegra victories, and 4 were Angelini victories. Two of these finals Montecatini 2007 and Bologna 2010, are still remembered by fans for having both been decided at the last board.      

     WOMEN In this Championship, we may see a «very classical» final between Catania and Reggio Fornaciari. Really a very classical final as these two teams are actively involved in the final for the last four editions of the Championship and are the two teams that have dominated this competition since it was established.      

     Alberto Benetti for the FIGB

Campionati di Società Sportive 1ª serie 2ª serie 3ª serie