Marco Villani para

The Team tournament began on Saturday 6: «Cesare Bresciani Memorial», with 77 teams participating. The organization worked hard for increase the youth participation: free registration, lodging and special prize from the Comitato Regionale Emilia Romagna, which was won by Alessandro Calmanovici, Giovanni Zedda, Alessandro Pruna, Alberto Racca, Roberto Sau.
The special award for the association that added more points in the events: «L’Associazione per le associazioni» was won by the Circolo di Rastignano. The Tournaments Directors were Massimo Ortensi and Francesco Natale with the help of Giuliano Rezzola, Vittorio Boldrini y Fulvio Francesconi..The tournament was broadcasted on BBO, under the supervision of Francesca Canali who also was in charge of the photos that were posted on his site

Failla – Carnicelli

The first prize of the Team Tournament was for the  Zaleski team: Lanzarotti, Manno, D’Avossa e Intonti they occupy the table Nº 1 from the beginning and never leave it during the event.

The first position in The Pairs Tournament was for the Failla – Carnicelli pair.