Italian Club Teams Championships 2014


28/09/2014 for by Francesca Canali

Francesca Canali
Francesca Canali
Italian Club Teams Championships 2014: Final Stage
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Tradition and Innovation: Angelini and TOP ONE are the 2014 Italian Club Teams Champions, in the category Open and Ladies respectively.
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Tradition because there is not an Italian Open team title not won and re-won by the Angelini team along with numerous gold medals at the international level, in the course of its long history, which is intertwined with the biographies of the great world champions. The team consisted of Francesco Angelini, Ercole Bove, Leonardo Cima, Valerio Giubilo, Lorenzo Lauria, Federico Primavera, Antonio Sementa and Alfredo Versace, in the final they defeated the Val di Magra team (represented by Stefano Caiti, Giuseppe Colotto, Rosario Patané, Maurizio Pattacini, Claudio Pochini, Rossano Enza, Antonio Vivaldi, Maurizio Zaffino), who took the silver medal. The title was missing from the Roman club since 2009, because for four consecutive years Allegra won it, the Association of Turin, which together with Angelini have written the history and success of the Italian bridge in the world.
Innovation because TOP ONE won the first series last year. They demonstrated their condition in the interregional phase and in April some of the team players won the Italian title in the Ladies category. The team consisted of Monica Aghemo, Gianna Arrigoni, Debora Campagnano, Margherita Chavarria, Antonella Novo, Giuliana Pederzoli, Francesca Piscitelli and Vera Tagliaferri, they faced in the final: Tennis Club Parioli (represented by Antonella Caggese, Barbara Dessi, Caterina Ferlazzo Gabriella Manara, Christian Morgantini, Simonetta Paoluzi, Claudia Pomares, Ilaria Saccavini). The Rome team fought back with honor to the last board when one swing could turn the result, finally had to settle for silver.
The 3rd place of the Open series was won by Reggio Emilia (represented by Ezio Fornaciari, Carla Gianardi, Gandoglia Alessandro, Giovanni Donati, Ivan Camerini, Mauro Basile, Annaelisa Rosetta, Marilina Vanuzzi). The third position in the Ladies corresponded to Varese Bridge (represented by Annarita Azzimonti, Gloria Colombo Brugnoni Gentiles Luigina, Angelica Mariani, Federica Mihaela Popa and Sani).
You can find all the results in the FIGB site.

These were all the teams playing the Italian Club Teams Championships 2014:

Ass. Bridge Val di Magra, Bridge Reggio Emilia, Bridge Villa Fabbriche, S.S.D. Angelini Bridge SRL, Associato Allegra, Pescara Bridge, ASD Tennis Roma, ASD c.lo Tennis Palermo

TOP ONE, Bridge Bologna, Circolo della Vela, Bridge Catania, Bridge Varese, Padova Bridge, Tennis Club Parioli ASD, C. Bridge N. Ditto RC

Francesca Canali