Istanbul 2014: Aggressive Young Bridge

Adam (22) & Zach Grossack (17) won the NABC Fast Pairs

Estambul 2014

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Photos by Rob Donkersloot, a The Netherlands journalist for, Clara Klein Argentine team’s Coach and the rest were took of World Bridge Federation – Youth page made it by Mrs. Silvia Valentini:

Sunday August 17th, 2014

USA1 young partnership and brothers: Grossack x 2 (Zach and Adam) uses aggressive bidding methods that would surprise the stars of yesteryear. This is how they resume their bridge system: [box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]We Open almost all 11 counts.
besides that, go by LTC, rule of 20, and/or czar pts.
14+-17- notrump
light openings in 3rd and 4th (majors could be on 4 cards)
1st seat white, second white red, and 3rd seat white preempts can be on 5 cards
Normal 2/1 with modern gadgets[/box]

Adam (22) & Zach Grossack (17)  won the NABC Fast Pairs
Adam (22) & Zach Grossack (17)
won the LV NABC Fast Pairs

During the Australia-USA 1 match this was the way one of the commentators described the Grossack brother’s style:

TopWizard: The Grossacks are hyper-aggressive, hoping their opponents will make mistakes as a result

Here is an aggressive board they played against Australia:Estambul 2014 USA1-Australia M11 a

Board 11

In one of the tables the Australian pair in E/W arrived to a 4 contract after a 1NT opening bid. Estambul 2014 USA1-Australia M11

This was not what happened in Grossack’s table.

Zack chose to open with a 1 bid, and after hearing his brother answer 1, he upgraded his 16 HCP and 4-3-4-2 hand and said 2NT.

Of course this got them to a makeable slam…and gave them 11 IMPs.

Previously at Board 7, Zach Grossack showed an excellent card play skill. After a 2NT opening bid by West, the Australian pair arrived to the 6NT contract. Estambul 2014 USA1-Australia M07In their way to the slam West accepted to play the slam showing a diamond suit.

Lead: J

Declarer won the lead in his hand with the A, and played the A…showing he had decided the contract couldn’t be made. At the end he was one down. Estambul 2014 Grossak RR9 B07 a

This was the bidding at the other table:

Zach opened 2NT, his brother Adam, asked for majors and invited to slam after hearing his partner denying them. West with all the aces and a five cards diamond suit decided to accept.

Lead: 4

The semi-blind lead was helpful for Zach but work wasn’t finished yet as South had K Q 9. Let’s see how declarer managed the hand.

Zach won South’s Q with his A and continued with a small diamond to the 10 won by Ginnan, clearing the diamond suit. South’s spade returned was caught with his A. Having lost one trick and counting 11: 3 spades, 1 heart, 4 diamonds and 3 clubs… he needed J and K…to be in the same hand for a squezze…

Declarer continued with to diamond rounds, two spade rounds, A, K and A. The play gave declarer an extra chance if N had K and 4‘s to the J. This was the three cards end position:


J 7


Q 10
5 4


Zach played his 5 and North was squeezed, Zach claimed his contract…and Adam smiled…