Estambul 2014

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Photos by Rob Donkersloot, a The Netherlands journalist for, Clara Klein Argentine team’s Coach and the rest were took of World Bridge Federation – Youth page made it by Mrs. Silvia Valentini:

Saturday August 23rd 2014

Norway Juniors Champion, Seweden Youngsters Champion & France Girls Champion

Noruega: Juniors   Suecia Youngsters   Francia Girls
Estambul 2014 Noruega Juniors   Estambul 2014 Suecia Youngsters   Estambul 2014 Francia Girls
Harald EIDE, Mats EIDE, Kristian ELLINGSEN, Tor Eivind GRUDE, Kristoffer HEGGE, Lars EIDE (Capitan no jugador), Lars Arthur JOHANSEN (Coach)  

Johan Säfsten – Ola Rimstedt
Ida Grönkvist – Mikael Rimstedt Capitan: Per Leandersson
Coach: Tom Gärds

  Anaïs Leleu, Mathilde Thuillez, Jessie de Tessières, Jérôme Rombaut, coach, Aurélie Thizy, Anne-Laure Huberschwiller, Jennifer Mourgues.

Last Results:


Estambul 2014 Juniors FF


Estambul 2014 Girls FF


Estambul 2014 Youngsters FF

Teams BAM

Estambul 2014 Bam Winners   Estambul 2014 Bam 2dos   Estambul 2014 Bam 3eros
BAM 2014 Champions: USA Juniors:Zachary Brescoll, Adam y Zachary Grossack, Adam Kaplan, Owen Lien and Adam Stokka (SWE)   BAM 2014 Second: Dennis
Bilde from Denmark, Nabil Edgtton and Justin Howard from Australia, Nick Jacob from New Zealand and Tom Walsh from Canada.
  BAM 2014 Third: Emil and Signe Buus Thomsen and Peter Jepsen from Denmark, Kornel Lazar from Germany and Lauren Travis from Australia.

Friday August 22, 2014

After 4 of the six final sets these are the results:

JuniorsEstambul 2014 Juniors F 4 6 Results

  GirlsEstambul 2014 Girls F 4 6 Results


Estambul 2014 Youngsters F 4 6 Results

Thursday August 21, 2014

After the semi-finals stage these are the teams that will meet in the finals:

Juniors   Girls   Youngsters
Norway -the Netherlands   France – China   Sweden – USA1

These were the semifinals match results:


Estambul 2014 Juniors SF Results


Estambul 2014 Girls SF Results


Estambul 2014 Youngsters SF Results

Wednesday August 20th 2014

Ended the quarter finals these are the results:

Juniors: These are the countries playing the semifinals: Poland, Norway, the Netherlands and France

Estambul 2014 Juniors QF Results

Girls: These are the countries playing the semifinals: Italy, the Netherlands, China and FranceEstambul 2014 Girls QF Results

Youngsters: These are the countries playing the semifinals: Sweden, USA1, Norway and France

Estambul 2014 Youngsters QF Results


BUTLER RANKING – JUNIORS AFTER ROUND 21, All positions Click  Here

E 2014 Butler juniors


E 2014 Butler Girls


E 2014 Butler youngsters



Martes 19 de Agosto 2014:

Today were played the last three round in the Junior category. These are the last positions:

Estambul 2014 Resultados J 6The first 8 countries classified for the OK Stages.

The quarterfinals of the Girls and Youngsters series have been decided. This is the draw and the matches
start tomorrow.

Estambul 2014 QF G y Y

Monday, 18 August 2014:

Juniors: At the end of the fifth day of play Poland took the lead, followed by France, China USA1, Turkey, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway.

Youngsters: Finished the qualifying stage. The 8 teams in the qualifying area are: Sweden, China, Norway, Poland USA1, France, Netehrlands, China HK.

Girls: Ended the qualifying stage. The 8 teams in the qualifying zone are: Italy, Holland, Poland, Australia, China, France, USA, Hungary.

Kids: This category already defined the 2014 Champion. Poland is the 2014 World Champion of this category and second arrived France.

Estambul 2014 Resultados K F

Last Results:

Juniors   Youngsters   Girls  
Estambul 2014 Resultados J 5   Estambul 2014 Resultados Y 5   Estambul 2014 Resultados G 5

Sunday August 17th 2014:

Juniors: At the end of the 4th day for the first time Turkey had to abandon the lead and was replaced by France, second finished USA2 and third Poland. The 8 teams that are till now in the qualifying positions are: France, USA2, Poland, Turkey, China, Sweden, Norway y The Netherlands.

Youngsters: The 8 teams that are till now in the qualifying positions are: Sweden, Norway, China Honk Kong, China, USA1, France, Czech R., Poland.

Girls: Italy begun the day in the second place but dethroned France to lead the field, The rest of the teams that are till now in the qualifying positions are: Netherlands, Australia, Poland, China, USA and Turkey.

Kids: This category begun the semifinal stage, these are today results:

Estambul 2014 RRK SF dia

These are the Kids’s consolation results:

Estambul 2014 RRK Cons dia

Los Resultados al finalizar el dia fueron:

Juniors   Youngsters   Girls  
Estambul 2014 RRJ 4to dia   Estambul 2014 RRY 4to dia   Estambul 2014 RRG 4to dia  

Saturday August 16th 2014:

Last results:

Juniors   Youngsters   Girls   Kids
Estambul 2014 RRJ 3er dia   Estambul 2014 RRY 3er dia   Estambul 2014 RRG 3er dia   Estambul 2014 RRK 3er dia

Friday August 15th, 2014

Today the Junior, Youngsters y Kids played three matchs and the Girls played only two. Remember that only the first 8 teams in each category will arrive to the KO stage.

Juniors: After the second day, Turkey the home team is leading the Junior category with 115.84 VP, showing they have prepared thoroughly for this world championship and that to be at home always weighs in favor. China that since several years ago has seen reborn the bridge enthusiasm between the younger generations ranks second with 106.19 VP. Third Poland 103.11.

Youngsters: Sweden leads the field with 91.19 VP, second Norway and third is France.

Girls: France, several times World Champion in the ladies Category Damas, is leading the teams in the Girls category with 71.02 VP,  very close Italy with 70.57 is second. China third with 67.49.

Kids: Poland, France and China are in the first three positions. 

The last results are:

Juniors   Youngsters   Girls   Kids
Estambul 2014 RRJ 2do dia   Estambul 2014 RRY 2do dia   Estambul 2014 RRG 2do dia   Estambul 2014 RRK 2do dia

Thursday, August 14, 2014

With a welcoming speech by the President of the WBF, Mr. Gianarrigo Rona last night was inaugurated the 15th World Youth Bridge Teams Championships. Today were played the first 4 RR qualifier rounds of the Junior category and the first 3 rounds of the Youngsters, Girls and Kids categories.

At the end of the day these were the results in each category:

Juniors   Youngsters   Girls   Kids
Estambul 2014 R 1er dia   Estambul 2014 R S21 1er dia   Estambul 2014 R G1 1er dia   Estambul 2014 R K 1er dia

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