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Ireland win Camrose Trophy

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Ireland win Camrose Trophy; England second

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Irlanda were represented on the second weekend by: Tom Hanlon & Hugh McGann; Tommy Garvey y John Carroll; Mark Moran y Rory Boland; NPC: Grainne Barton.

Ireland have won the Camrose Trophy after stretching their advantage on the second weekend in Edinburgh. The England team were only the fourth highest scorers on the weekend, but did enough to comfortably hold on the second place position they held after the first weekend. Ireland finished on 142.92 VPs, with England on 129.83 and Wales in third on 112.11.

England were represented on the second weekend by: Frances Hinden & Graham Osborne; Jeffrey Allerton & Chris Jagger; Neil Rosen & Martin Jones; NPC: David Burn.

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