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International Teams Tournament City of Rome

  Source: BDI On-Line

It was concluded the International Teams Tournament City of Rome , organized by the Italian Bridge Federation with the support of the pharmaceutical company Angelini.

  After three days of competition the Vitas team won the trophy (Lotan Fisher, Boguslaw Gierulski, Wojtek Olanski, Ron Schwartz, Jerzy Skrzypczak, Vytautas Vainikonis), who defeated in the final: Ventin team(Frederic Wrang, Johan Upmark, Frederik Nystrom, Mustafa Cem Tokay, Juan Carlos Ventin). Third place was for K1 (Ivan Nanev, Rosen Gunev, Viktor Aronov, Diana Damianova).

Equipo Vitas: Fisher, Olanski, Schwartz, Gierulski, Skrzypczak, Vainikonis
Equipo Ventin: Wrang, Upmarc, Nystrom, Tokay, Ventin
  <img class=" wp-image-36437" title="Equipo K1: best online casino Nanev, Gunev, Aronov, Damianova» src=»» alt=»Equipo K1: Nanev, Gunev, Aronov, Damianova» width=»209″ height=»157″ /> Equipo K1: Nanev, Gunev, Aronov, Damianova

Team Vitas was: two young players of Israel (Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz), two of Poland (Boguslaw Gierulski and Jerzt Skrzypczak), two of Lithuania ( Wojtek Olansk and Vytautas Vainikonis).

The Team Ventin consists of the captain, from Argentina (Juan Carlos Ventin), three players of Sweden (Frederic Wrang, Upmark and Johan Frederik Nystrom) and one from Turkey (Mustafa Cem Tokay).

Equipo Ventin Roma 2013
Ventin Team Roma 2013

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