This convention was named for Mr. Monroe J. Ingberman, born 1935 and died 1985, of White Plains, New York, United States, who was a mathematician and bridge player. He was also known for fragment or splinter bids and the Three No Trump response as a forcing Major raise.

The concept of the Ingberman convention deals with bidding situations, in which the partner reverses and the responder is holding minimum values of 6/7 high card points. The point count, from the perspective of the responder is insufficient to guarantee game and the responder must communicate this information to his partner, in the case that the partner, who has reversed, also has minimum values.

The opener may have only 15/16 high card points for the reverse, and there must be an escape sequence available to the responder to avoid a final contract, which may be too high for the partnership to make. The following illustrations should clarify this concept of Mr. Monroe Ingberman.

West   East
1   1
2   2NT

The second response of East of 2 No Trump is artificial and is…[button link=»» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click here[/button] to Continue Reading