Improve Your Bridge Game with Marty Bergen

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

Improve Your Bridge Game with Marty Bergen is a Marty Bergen’s Facebook page, where he publishes almost every day a very short and very useful bridge tip. Today we are publishing a few of them, you can find them all if you Click Here

1) Every player has head, “When in doubt, lead trump.” Obviously, if you other suits are “unleadable,” you would lead a trump but the above statement is not very helpful. I much prefer the following guideline: The best time to lead a trump is when you are NOT in doubt.”

2) Even when you’re not taking a finesse, it often matters which hand leads the suit.

3) After partner overcalls at the one level, a new suit should not be forcing.

4) Play the honor from the short side first applies to the declarer AND the defenders.

5) Applying the Rule of 11 after a fourth-best lead will frequently tell you a great deal about the hand.

6) If the thought of being passed out in 1 heart or 1 spade would make you ill, open 2 clubs.

7) If your partner invites a notrump slam with a leap to 4NT, you’re welcome to bid a suit.

8) Because a player who preempts at the 4- or 5-level always has a very long strong suit, I recommend playing negative doubles at high levels. Personally, I play negative doubles through 5 diamonds. (from More Declarer Play the Bergen Way)

9) If the opponents have the balance of power and a fit , your only hope may be to lead a short suit.

10) If partner doubles their slam, assume he has a void and try to “find” it.

11) Two things to try to memorize: The opening lead and dummy’s distribution and honor cards.

12) The 10 is an honor card. Make sure you treat it with respect. If you have two accompanied tens in suits that are at least 3 cards long, you should add a point to the value of the hand.

14) If an opponent jumps to slam without bidding 4NT, he is likely to have a void.

15) Setting up 5-card suits is one of the keys to good declarer play.

16) When declarer’s second suit becomes trumps, a trump lead is often best for the defense.