Brazilian history is closely linked to that of Austria: Maria Leopoldina of Austria (22 January 1797 – 11 December 1826)
Maria Leopoldina, 1815

was an archduchess of Austria, Empress Consort of Brazil. She was born in Vienna, as the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. Maria Leopoldina became Brazil’s first empress consort and she played an important role in the process of issuing a Declaration of Independence. On 2 September 1822, a new decree with demands from Lisbon arrived in Rio de Janeiro, while Prince Pedro was in São Paulo. Leopoldina, decided to send her husband the news along with a letter advising him to declare Brazil’s independence and warned him, «The fruit is ready, it’s time to harvest.» Prince Pedro declared the country’s independence upon receiving the letter on 7 September 1822.  Source Wikipedia
«The fruit is ready, it’s time to harvest.» must have also inspired the Brazilian Meninas. In the II WMSG Round of 16 in a super tight  match ( 6 sets of 16 boards each) the Brazilian Ladies defeated the  Austrian ladies by 4 IMPs and won their passage to the QF. The match was Brazil 198-Austria 159 when the last 16 boards set begun. The Austrian ladies won the last set  52-17…but wasn’t enough…Board # 21 decided the match:Board 21 Dealer West, N/S Vul

  Q 9 7 3
A K J 10
3 2
J 7 4
A 10 4
Q 9 6 3 2
A 7 6
9 2
  J 8 2
7 4
9 8
K Q 8 6 5 3
  K 6 5
8 5
K Q J 10 5 4
A 10
West North East South
Vargas Grumm Pain Weigkricht
   Pass 3 3
Pass 3 Pass 3NT
The End      

 Lead: 9

Leda Pain’s 3 opening bid was crucial, because the only lead that generates problems to declarer is the club lead…as she has to use her unique hand entrance in the first trick.  Weigkricht played a little club from dummy, Leda Pain played her Q and South won the trick with her A. Declarer continued with a heart to the 10, she won the trick and continued with the 2 to the Q, Vargas played her 6. Weigkricht immediately played another heart to the J and a diamond to the K, this time Isabella played her A and continued with her last club. Pain won the trick with her K to play another , declarer found herself in the dummy…and with no hope…She played the A and a spade to his K, but Vargas won with her A and returned 9. Again declarer was where she didnt wanted to be…she made one trick more with dummies Q…but have to give last two tricks to Brazil…one down…

In the other Room:

West North East South
Assman David Gogoman de Mello
   Pass Pass 1
1 Double 2 2
Pass 2 Pass 2NT
Pass 3NT The End  
Lead: 2
Declarer won the trick with the 10 and played the 2 to the K and won the trick, continued with the Q, this time West played her A to play her 9…late de Mello won the trick with her A, run all her diamonds, continued with a heart to the J and at the end lose a club to score +630…and 12 IMPs.